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3 Auto Repair Scams in Holly Hill, FL

August 23, 2016

Watch out for auto repair scams in Holly Hill, FL!

Car owners suffer losses totaling more than 20 million dollars annually due to fraudulent and totally unnecessary auto repair charges. More than 25,000 complaints have been registered by the California Bureau of Auto Repair, and in the state of FL, the numbers are continuing to be amassed. This does not mean that each and every auto repair shop is seeking to scam their customers. The truth is that the majority of auto repair shops are completely honest and the last thing in their mind is to be involved in any sort of scam! But the fact of the matter is that exceptions are in fact out there, and since the majority of people do not understand a lot about auto repair work, they can be subject to a scam. And this can apply in Holly Hill, FL, throughout the state of FL, and truly anywhere else one may be! Here are 3 common auto repair scams to watch out for.

1. The Stranded Traveler Auto Repair Scam

For starters, when someone is on an extended trip and far from where they live, be it in FL or anywhere else and they break down, the Highway ScamsRoadside car shops know they do not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere and will pay virtually anything to get the car fixed. The prices they will charge can be totally outrageous, and mechanics might even further the damages knowing that the driver is so anxious to get things auto repaired so they can proceed with their trip. This has been known to happen in Holly Hill, FL, as well as throughout the country. The best way to defeat this is to ask for a quote up-front and look up in what neighborhood the prices for that auto repair typically are using a smartphone or by calling another local auto repair shop.

2. The False-Estimates Auto Repair Scam

Very often, when you bring the vehicle in for inspection, the auto repair dealer will offer a low estimate to do various repairs. Be alert that this can be a scam. And this can apply whether you are in Holly Hill, FL, or anywhere else in FL or elsewhere. The auto repairs they suggest will not be in writing. Then when you go to pick the car up, the final costs are totally different from the estimate. They will tell you they found additional auto repairs that were required. This can be a true scam. They get away with it because owners just want to get out of there and get away. The key to avoid this is to get all estimates in writing beforehand so you have something to hold them accountable to. Also, insist that they call you if any additional auto repairs are needed, and always make sure they give you any parts that they have to replace. If they said they changed your alternator, and they cannot produce your old one, that is illegal and you can call the police. Again, you want to do this whether you are in Holly Hill, FL, anywhere else in the state of FL, or truly anywhere that you live!

3. Hook Scheme

You get lured in by perhaps a low charge oil change and soon the mechanic "finds" another problem. Very often it is something totally made up by that mechanic, so if you are in Holly Hills, FL, somewhere else in the state of FL, or truly anywhere, get your car to another mechanic and avoid the scam! The bottom line is to always be alert to the fact that a scam can happen and you want to do whatever you can to avoid that scam! The last thing anyone wants is to live with the fact they have been the victim of a scam!

At Absolute Auto Services, we don't play any of these kinds of games with your auto repairs. We respect you and we believe in using only ethical auto repair practices. The friendly, honest, home-town wholesomeness of Sheriff Andy Taylor on the Andy Griffith Show is our philosophical role model, and often hear our customers comparing us to him. Be smart and avoid these cheap tricks and two-bit scams used by slimy auto repair shops. Visit Absolute Car Services for the best service and prices in Holly Hill, FL.

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